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Hi my name is LaCrystal Detiege the founder of YoniVerse Love. As a young woman most of my life I’ve had issues with my menstrual cycle and vision. Growing up my mother would give my sibling’s and I teas to help us unwind and relax for the evening. I can remember enjoying the herbal teas and would purchase herbal tea, as I grew older. I would brew and enjoy herbal tea after a long workday or when I wasn’t feeling my best. As I began looking into natural remedies to aid myself I discovered the Herbal tea my mother gave me as a child was not just tasty but good for me.
Coming into womanhood as a young lady, my menstrual cycles would last for months at a time accompanied with heavy bleeding and clots. I preformed my very first Yoni steaming from the comfort of my bedroom after long-term research. I decided it was time to take my education and research skills into my own hands after no help from Doctors and being kicked out of a Women’s Study Group for Endometriosis. After my first steaming session I can testify to many of claims made about Yoni steaming. I had little to no pain, lighter bleeding, shorter cycles, regulated cycles and so much more. I was over joyed I wasn’t eating pain medicine like candy anymore.
YoniVerse Love
At YoniVerse Love we welcome all. We welcome all good vibes and energy as we extend the same to you. YoniVerse Love foundation is based on;

Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
Genesis 9:3 King James Version
YoniVerse Love believes that, everything we need has been provided by the Most High God. We can find alternatives in herbs before there was conventional medicine and mass production of formulated drugs. At YoniVerse Love we are going back to the days of old you know your Grandmothers remedies. We are glade to provide Herbal alternatives to you as you seek to live your best life.
Note: this is not medical advice, nor does it replace medical treatment plan by your physician. Consult doctor for all concerns or before starting any regiment

Yoni Steaming
Yoni Steaming has been something done in ancient times. This ancient old practice reaches back to Arica (Mozambique, South Africa), Asia (Indonesia, Thailand) and Central America (among the Q’eqchi people). Yoni steaming (AKA) V-Steaming is an alternative herbal practice. Steaming can be done from the comfort of your home. Yoni Steaming is a practice that provides gentle and effective support for Women’s Health and Yoni wellness. Herbal steaming support and regulates the natural feminine cycle and help to heal and detoxify the body.
Why Steam?
- Significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.
- Reduce menstrual cycle flow
- Reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses
- Regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles
- Aids in helping Increase fertility

- Speeds up healing and toning the reproductive system after birth or miscarriage and so much more.

1oz / 2 steams 
2oz/ 4 steams 
4oz/ 8 steams 


Yoni Steams can be customized. Message with detail concerns and Yoni Steam can be tailored to your personal needs.

Note: Recommend for adults only. Do not use if you are pregnant. We do not diagnose nor prescribe. Before starting any herbal regiment please consult a licensed physician. In The event of allergic reaction please seek medical assistance immediately! 


Smudging ceremony is a custom of Native Americas and other Indigenous cultures. For centuries many cultures have used smudging as a way to create a cleansing smoke bath that is used to purify the, aura, energy,ceremonial/ritual space or any other space deemed needed along with personal articles. Smudging is traditionally done with and Abalone Shell. The Sacred smoke bowl Ritual is typically preformed at the beginning of a ceremony to clear out negativity and create a space for healing. 

We provide White Sage for healing and cleansing purposes. The smoke is used to bless, cleanse and heal the individual(s) or object(s) being smudged. Sage is used to wash off the outside world. When I smudge I like to focus on the purpose for the smudging, I mediate on scriptures and pray inviting the Holy Spirit in and evicting negative energy and negative spirits out.